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Kiro Guide

Post by Flm on Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:45 pm

Kiro's Teacher is in Sabaku Cave

Left of the hospital till you reach the end , then go up to the house infront of you

When you enter go to the fields , the first one on your right when you enter is the kiro teacher

Now ,for the jutsu of the clan


and ALL of these techniques are Static except Chakra Shuriken * which don't depend on
any stat to raise * , and they don't have any Clan Passives .

Shuriken Control Jutsu

Exp : 10000 Exp

Request to learn : None

This jutsu can make you be able to control shurikens , like
when you throw a shuriken , you'll be able to change its direction
by clicking anywhere else you want in the screen , it takes a
small amount of chakra .


Chakra Shuriken Jutsu

Exp : 20000 Exp

Request to learn : 12 Shuriken Knowledge * not sure if 12 or 11 *

CoolDown : Medium

This jutsu is very important , you have to learn this technique to
be able to learn the rest of the jutsu
It throws a shuriken too fast with your chakra in it , its damage
is pretty nice , between ( 125-375 ) .


Chakra Shuriken Smithy

Exp : 35000 Exp

Request to learn : Mastered Chakra Shuriken which is about 200 uses or 250

CoolDown : Medium

This jutsu surrounds you with chakra shurikens which are thrown
randomly in every direction , its damage is between ( 30-60 ) per
shuriken .


Spiral Star

Exp : 25000 Exp

CoolDown : Very Small

This jutsu is one of the most used jutsu of all of the techniques,
it summons a big star that has some chakra in it that if someone
it does 80 damage * without any traits * per the one hit .


Spiral Star Projectile

Exp : 15000

CoolDown : Very Small

This jutsu requires the Spiral Star to be on as it throws the Star
in a straight line hitting anyone who gets in its way by the same
damage ( 80 vitality ) .


Shuriken Shield

Exp : 40000 Exp

CoolDown : Kind of big

This jutsu summons about 7x7 or 6x6 * not sure * of chakra shurikens ,
which summons a shield of shurikens that attack anyone who gets in it
it does ( 8 ) per shuriken , it can be used in defense and offense
too .


Void Star

Exp : 50000 Exp

Request to learn : you have to learn Shuriken Shield to learn this

CoolDown : Big

This jutsu is the most annoying for a lot of ppl , it can summon huge
spiral stars which attract from about 2 tiles from the place of
the star which damages about 3%


Tips :

DON'T spam void star , because its abuse to use a lot of them .

When someone is facing you with punches or Tsuuga/Gatsuuga , try to go beside any
wall and make the Spiral Star , it'll damage him .

It'd be better to attack with a close range when you're using Spiral Star , as Long-Ranged will be hard if you can't aim well .


Builds :

More Con is better as it helps in draining of Shuriken Control


I hope you enjoyed this guide


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