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Chakra Natures

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All Ninja should be able to utilize Chakra Natures. But then what are Chakra Natures?

What are Chakra Natures?

Chakra Natures are the element type configured to all ninja at birth. Depending on who they are, or even their Clan they may be born with different Chakra Natures.

The Five Different Chakra Natures are;
Katon(Fire Release)
Suiton(Water Release)
Fuuton(Wind Release)
Doton(Earth Release)
Raiton(Lightning Release)

Each chakra nature have individual affects that are based off of natures. Because of the way the chakra natures correspond to each other, it's always smart to have different advantages to everyone else. Because of the way people are different, they can gain different Ninjutsu type techniques to use different tehniques that rotate around these elemental type jutsu.

Normally Ninja are born with 1 Chakra Nature, but through training and work ethic they can train to gain other elements. Some ninja, though, are born with 2 Elements which is highly based upon Clans. Certain Clans have higher chances to gain a certain Affinity than other Affinities. For example, the Fuuma Clan in Rain village has a higher chance of having Fuuton Chakra Nature as their main type.

While Clans like the Uchiha clan will ALWAYS have Katon as their main chakra type.

After getting these elements, you can start learning your techniques through Teachers. The teachers are located within every Village so you can learn your techniques within your Village, but sometimes other village NPCs know more about Elemental Techniques than your Village's NPCs.

When it comes to learning Chakra Nature-type attacks, you must go to the Teacher and type in the technique instead of choosing, so you must have seen this technique somewhere or just feel you know some. Mainly, though, each Element has a Knowledge Passive.

The Knowledge Passive, such as Katon Knowledge(Fire Knowledge) or Suiton Knowledge(Water Knowledge) determines whether or not you can learn a technique. It is as it says, your Knowledge with that corresponding Chakra Nature. To Increase this, perform more techniques of that Chakra Nature and it'll slowly increase. The higher it is, the more advanced techniques of that corresponding element you can learn.

So when learning from a teacher, of course you'd need a first beginning technique to learn. But don't despair if you have no techniques or can't learn how to use Katon properly. Just raise your Chakra Nature's Knowledge Passive a little more and before you know it you can use that technique.

So what are the affects of each Element Type Technique?
Each element has different effects that are probably obvious. Some of them are static, and will ALWAYS do the same thing no matter what technique it is. Such as Katon.

When I speak static, I mean it will primarily have the same purpose in different effects. Katon, so to speak, merely burns. All of your techniques will rotate on explosions, and fire and burning the enemy in a gusts of flame. They are shot out differently with different systems, so you have the advantage over your enemy with different fire techniques in that way.

Because of the way Fire works, it will hit your stamina AND your health. It also makes you stunned while you're in it, so getting pummeled with tons of fire can be deadly and if you don't get out fast enough it'll be too late to get out. It's most suggested that you avoid it though, in the end.

Water techniques can be pretty freeform. Mainly , the most of them consist of water but because of that great Shape Manipulation it has, it can be condensed or formed into tons of different things. Mainly though, when summoning Water into the field, the reasons you're using it is to gather the whole field with water in most situations. It can flood a whole region if you're using it right, but normally Water techniques use up a lot of chakra so when using Water techniques you must be alarmed and have a lot of Chakra Control and Chakra itself, you may just kill yourself. Most Water techniques will end up hitting Stamina, but there are different affects to them.

As for Fuuton, Fuuton techniques are more mid-ranged and such. Thus you can move in close and hit the enemy with a wind sword or go far back and shoot off a giant wind attack. Because of the way Wind works, it primarily has the goal of pushing back in most of its techniques, but the primary purpose of Wind technique sare to slice, thus they go for health first and automatically take percentile damage depending on certain ones. The ones that do push back do take stamina first though, and are primarily used for pushing back.

Doton on the other hand has a lot of free-form, unlike Katon. Because of the way Doton works, you're surrounded by earth and you can use many different techniques. It can be used as an amazing defence, it can also be used as an amazing offense. It can be long-ranged, short-ranged, body enhancement, anything you can think of. And that's all because of the way Doton works. It is normally Stamina based damage, but sometimes it can reach off to health first too.

Raiton on the other hand is a very strong element, and nothing to take lightly. Because of the way Raiton works, it has the tendency to stun the opponent making them easy pickings. Because of the stun, even touching one of these can lead you up to many other forms of damage. Raiton hits health directly first and all the internal organs, making it rather dangerous and because it's magnetic sometimes it can even lock on to you. The stun though, is the most dangerous part about it.

Do each elemental technique affect each other?
Yes they do. Elemental techniques are a strategy when it comes to Ninjutsu, and primarily everyone has them and uses them(or at least the ones that train them.) Because of the way they work, you can back off a technique or even use it as a power up to make your techniques stronger.

As followed, the elements work as;
Katon > Fuuton > Raiton > Doton > Suiton > Katon

Katon has a power over Fuuton because of one reason. Fuuton makes a fire even stronger, thus the Fire technique will explode. There's different cases though, primarily speaking, but in general if a fire technique of the same kind would go up against a wind technique of the same kind, the Fire technique would win and that's how it works for all of the elements. There are exceptions. Fire is enhanced by Wind though, thus making it stronger and because the Wind is engulfed in these flames it can be used as an Enhancer by the user, the enemy or even the combo-er to make the technique amazing.

Fuuton has power over Raiton though, by pushing away the charges into oblivion. It has no chargy affects except merely destroying the Raiton techniques, but normally Raiton is very powerful against its enemy, Doton. Raiton, because of its striking and shocking nature can shoot through earth, and that makes it dangerous enough. It breaks through the walls, destroying defences and even destroys, sometimes, formations of Rock used as offensive moves. Because of this, it is suggested you don't do anything Doton wise against Raiton, but Doton can protect against Suiton in a primary defence way.

Doton has a defence type, so it can destroy a Suiton jutsu trying to break through in its path and just block it out from going anywhere. Because of its hard-mass, not even Suiton can break through it with its amazing Water Pressure. But of course, Suiton CAN break through fire. Immediately, fire is put out when touched by Suiton techniques.

The Katon and Wind element isn't the only element to have affections though. Katon also seems to be cheating on Wind with Doton, as Doton seems to love Katon. When Fire is touched by certain Doton moves, they may be enhanced by catching on fire. For example, Doryuudan's spikes catching on fire. It can make very destructive attacks. As for Suiton, it has a tight relationship with Raiton and Raiton only. With the way Raiton works, it can send charges through water destroying an enemy who decides to foolishly walk on the path. Amazingly, though, you can only shock water once. You can't shock it over and over and over again with the same Electrodes.

[b]So which Element is right for me?[/b]
Well, you'll just have to find your element truthfully. Because each element is different and each fighter fights different, maybe you just want one element of one kind. Because you don't exactly pick your MAIN chakra nature, we suggest that you test out the Chakra Nature you have and continue on with it.

Each one has different effects and different jutsu, so always be sure to at least give them a shot.

Hope this helps, FLM-out bounce


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