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Uchiha Clan

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Uchiha Clan

The Uchiha Clan is a clan that holds a powerful ability and a powerful Kekkai Genkai that has been passed down through centuries. Although the information on the beginning of their Kekkai Genkai is unknown, we do know of the powers of their Kekkai Genkai. This fearful Bloodline Limit, the Sharingan, is what gives the Uchiha ninja their powerful names and their amazing abilities. The Uchiha are known throughout for their amazing past, their powerful Doujutsu and their famous members all through the world.

Affinity: Katon
Village: Sound

Clan Leader: None
Social Standing: Lately, the Uchiha Clan now have a Social Standing of Sound. Being new to the village of Sound caused Sound to be very popular, holding a powerful Kekkai Genkai user.

Clan History

The Uchiha Clan is perhaps one of the most advanced Clans in history with the most developed background. The Uchiha Clan comes practically directly from the Sage of Six Paths.

The Clan descends from the older sibling of Rikudou, who betrusted his kids with his abilities. The younger being gifted with his body's spiritual energy and the older being gifted with his eyes. Because the younger was said to be more like Rikudou and more fit to being his successor, the Youngest and Oldest would always fights out of jealousy. From the younger boy's descendants became the Senju Clan, from the older boy's descendants became the Uchiha Clan.

Before the founding of the first Hidden Leaf Village, the Uchiha Clan was an assassin Clan. They were known as one of the two strongest Clans in their time, the second being the Senju Clan of the forest. Being one vicious Clan, the Uchiha Clan dominated the world with its dark eyes. Uchiha, Madara was the strongest of the Clan and took control. Under his and his brother's leadership, the Clan grew in power allowing them to become the Senju Clan's major rivals.

Eventually, Hashirama Senju grew tired of this warfare and soon came toward the Clan with a peace treaty. Although Madara feared an alliance would lead to the end of the Uchiha Clan, his Clan wanted peace too and thus he was forced to agree. The two clans then formed together and they started the first Hidden Leaf Village. At the time of the new village, a new leader needed to be made. Hashirama was chosen to be Hokage of the new village, which Madara took personally as another sign that Senju was going in to make Uchiha second gun. Once again his Clan saw otherwise. Madara, furious by this, decided to defect from the Hidden Leaf. Hashirama disliked this and they met at the borders between Rice Country and Fire Country. The two battled and the force of the battle created the Valley of the End.

Supposedly, Uchiha Madara died in that battle.

During the Second Hokage's rule the Uchiha Clan was given power by the Nidaime Hokage and thus became the "Konoha Military Police Corps." For even longer, the Clan was still known as geniuses. There were few Uchiha who tried to rebel like their former leader Madara in belief that the Clan was being suppressed by the Senju Clan, although those attempts all failed as the majority of them felt it was far too late. It wasn't until Decades later, the Uchiha Clan was completed wiped out in the Massacre of the Uchiha Clan. Supposedly after the Kyuubi Attack on Leaf, the Hidden Leaf began to suspect the Uchiha Clan. They had thought of this as Madara's warning to the Uchiha's rebellion and thus decided the only way was to slaughter them all. Uchiha, Itachi was given the assignment to kill every Uchiha Ninja and thus did to prevent a possible other war. The only survivor left was Uchiha, Sasuke, his brother. Sasuke would spend the next few years trying to gain power for vengeance. Eventually Sasuke got his revenge, in about 2-3 years time frame but the result of it was devastating.

A new Mangekyo unleashed, the new Clan was still at danger of forming. The only survivors left were Uchiha, Madara and Uchiha, Sasuke as holders of the Sharingan and pure-breds of the Uchiha Clan. Years passed and it soon came to the next Great War, a new Hidden Leaf Village forming.

But along with that, a second Hidden Sound Village formed. In this village, once an experimental testing ground, a baby was born with these genes. But as strange as it was, as if trying to keep the Clan alive, in different places around the world, multiple children were born with Sharingan.

They became famous across the lands, mainly for their Sharingan that seemed to pop out of nowhere. Chrono was the only one to continue mass-multiplying for the Clan, and soon the Uchiha Clan began to prosper and soon became one of the most Common Clans around.

In Hidden Rain, an experiment was formed to create these children, as first started there. A testing with Mangekyo Sharingan created an impartial Mangekyo, forming the "Tokiringan." A doujutsu that could cast a massive Genjutsu attack on anyone, unreal on all levels to the point where it could cast one on the user.

The Tokiringan was the guidelines and it successfully working on both WhiteFang and Karnetsu led to the powerful "Sharingan" first made in Hidden Sound.

Clan Pride slowly began to die, though, the Clan beginning to spread around. Villages demanded, they need to find Uchiha and it soon became only a friendship and group thing in places to be the Uchiha of Cloud, or be the Uchiha of Rain!

The Uchiha Clan now a fully alive Clan was prospering the land and you couldn't go anywhere without seeing an Uchiha.

A second massacre began to occur. A ninja going by the name "Masked Ninja" began to slaughter powerful Uchiha through the Villages. The Uchiha starting to become scared now began to leave their Villages and group together, attempting to become a Clan again. This sheer act practically brought the Clan together, until Uchiha, Argon seemed to come back again and massacre the Clan altogether. The clan practically dead, the Hokage at the time, Uchiha, Danieru takes on the role to repopulate the Clan. Along with several few Uchiha left, the deadliest ninja alive continues to exterminate until finally retiring.

The clan, for a sheer second was almost put into a time of togetherness until Argon came into scene. When his death finally came, things were starting to reform for this Clan almost becoming extinct in a matter of months.

Finally at the destruction, the Uchiha Clan was forced back together. This time, the leader, Uchiha, Vangroth led the Clan. The Clan rose to the Land and thus hid by the Tea Village. Their homebase was there and the Clan was finally together again. The Clan remained in that spot but a lot of the fellow Uchiha never stook together. In stead, it seemed more like their home was their starting grounds until they grew large enough to go into a village, and the other villages didn't mind this, having a strong clan support their racks.

Finally as a different, Uchiha, Maximo left his Clan to become the Raikage of the Hidden Cloud Village. On becoming Raikage, he attempted to bring the whole world to his knees and lead Cloud into becoming the strongest village. On the greatest attempt in some time, he failed, losing to the combined powers of the Hidden Leaf, Hidden Sound and Hidden Rain. Maximo was down and Cloud was burned to the ground. Maximo, quickly leaving, head back to his Clan in time of need and soon gained control of it. After gaining control of his Clan, he made a pact with the current Otokami, Kyrie Eleison and him and his clan joined the Hidden Sound Village.

The Uchiha now back in a village officially seemed to strive for them, becoming one of Sound Village's major power lines and support lines. The Clan makes up a lot of Sound's power warriors, and seems to bring in strength in numbers, still known as the feared Clan.

Clan Ability

The Uchiha Clan holds the powerful Kekkai Genkai of Sharingan. This Bloodline Limit allows the user to activate a powerful Doujutsu that allows them to "see." They will be able to see the color of chakra, allowing them to see the utmost invisible things and grant them power over many things. Their minds speed up, their reflexes increasing allowing them to predict movements of the enemies. They'll even be able to Copy techniques with such an ability. The Sharingan's numerous gifts and abilities can be used in any way depending on the Ninja itself.

Along with the Sharingan comes a powerful and legendary Kekkai Genkai. The Mangekyo Sharingan. It is only spoken to each Ninja as a legendary power, that not so many actually can have. To each Ninja's surprise, the Kekkai Genkai's mysterious power can be very harmful but it's powers are so strong that not even enemies may predict it. They're different, depending on the Shinobi itself and his abilities and restrictments. But it can only be activated in times of dire stress itself.


Chakra Consumption: X(Dependant On A Passive)

The Sharingan is a very powerful Doujutsu, but the question is what "exactly" does it do? Well the powers the Sharingan grants are based highly off of your mastery over it and the tomoe you have. The more your Sharingan increases in tomoe, the more stronger it becomes which suggests it's best to have it on at all times. There are 3 Stages to the normal Sharingan, those stages are;
The 1st Tomoe
The 2nd Tomoe
And The 3rd Tomoe.

1st Tomoe
The 1st Tomoe of Sharingan makes it so where you can see invisible chakra. This is very useful as much as it doesn't seem like it.

2nd Tomoe
The 2nd Tomoe of Sharingan has the same affects as the 1st Tomoe, but this time it also has another ability. The Second Tomoe gives you faster reflexes, making you see through techniques a bit more. Because of this, you can dodge Taijutsu techniques at faster rates. As you master it, it also grants you the ability to learn; Magen; Kasegui no Jutsu. This technique lets you keep someone in a bind as long as you look them directly in the eye.

3rd Tomoe
The 3rd Tomoe also has the same affects as the previous Tomoe, except now it's highly affective on your main Skills. For taijutsu, You will dodge Taijutsu at an even faster rate. If it is Ninjutsu, you will be able to copy techniques. If it is Genjutsu, you will be able to counter Genjutsu techniques. Finally reaching this stage allows you to learn within those techniques and even go onto more menacing Sharingan techniques, such as Hypnosis.


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