Kyomou Clan

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Kyomou Clan

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Kyomou Clan

The Kyomou Clan are a group of ninja that wield a powerful Doujutsu that grants them amazing abilities. Not to mention a 2nd chakra type called the "Red Chakra" they are dangerous ninja.

Affinity: None(More Notably Has Raiton)
Village: Rain

Clan Leader: None
Social Standing: The clan is a rather small Clan that keeps to itself, very quiet when it comes to the Social Standing. Rain Village never cared too much for it as the clan wasn't very popular within the Mist Village either. Although strong ninja, there are very few of them.

Clan History

The Clan started in Mist Village, once known as the Kajitaira Clan. At this time, Hidden Mist Village went through a cleansing, and went out to kill off all ninja with Kekkai Genkai, blaming them for the war. The Kajitaira Clan suffered from this. Only few survivors were left.

More notably, one of the survivors was a ninja from the clan that did not hold a Kekkai Genkai, but her child did. She left him, feeling he was evil and without care the child was always sick until a 7 Shinobi Swordsman of a mist came to him. This ninja was used as his eyes, known as Ranmaru. But through several accidents, the 7 Shinobi Swordsman of the mist ninja was killed leaving Ranmaru alone. With strength he walked alone and became a ninja within the Hidden Mist Village with his Kekkai Genkai.

He took on the name of Kyomou, Ranmaru and always wore the symbol of the Red Tear. Later on as he grew, he began to perfect more and more of his jutsu, until realizing his chakra type and the difference within people, the Kyomou Clan grew but never too fast.

During the time of the war, when Mist was wiped out, what was left of the Kyomou Clan came to Mist in desperation and asked to be placed in their village, in which Rain agreed, badly needing clans at this time.

Clan Ability

The Kyomou's Clan ability is rather a strange one but powerful. Their Kekkai Genkai grants them with a strange, Red Chakra unlike anyone else. This Red Chakra although seems like it has no use, until a Kyomou Ninja realizes his power.

Particle Jutsu and the charges of their chakra, they are able to let out invisible particles that are so little in chakra density that not even the Hyuuga eye can see them, capable of utilizing them to infect others through infectious chakra. Thus, they can have an infinite amount of abilities of what they can do with the chakra depending on the charge they placed on it, making them an incredibly dangerous Clan that can seemingly take out anyone. The particles are not too controllable but are shot from their body and stay around them and move around the area like other particles would.

This ability is controlled through their Doujutsu, the Akametsuki which allows them to look forward like Byakugan. Initially though, the chakra of it is so strong that it can shut down counter charges, more notably Byakugan and Sharingan. It can not get Doujutsu such as the Luna Clan's Doujutsu though because of the abilities within the Clan making it a passive Doujutsu.

Becoming a natural enemy for Doujutsu, they are always one of the first ninja to be there on a raid to villages such as Konoha.


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