Hoshigaki Clan

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Hoshigaki Clan

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Hoshigaki Clan

A clan of shark people, signifigantly different utilizing the Samehade. Although not so different with the gills, their strength and chakra is rather amazing.

Affinity: Suiton
Village: Rain

Clan Leader: None
Social Standing: The clan itself is rather feared around the world and respected among Rain Village. The clan are a bunch of feral shark people, so no one really knows much about them, but when a big job is meant to be done Hoshigaki is normally first in charge.

Clan History

Originally starting in Mist Village, Hoshigaki Clan started out as a mutation Jutsu. A signature sign in Mist Village were the sets of teeth, made to look more feral and sharkish, something passed down among many Ninja within the Hidden Village of Mist. A forbidden jutsu was performed on a couple of ninja, making them more shark like.

After the transformation, out from their mouth would sprout a weapon that was prone to them. No matter what they'd be force to have it with them the rest of their life, the Samehade. It soon became a mess, as many ninja within Mist village began to praise the group of ninja who were like this, thus the forbidden jutsu was casted upon their children and instead of being used again, the jutsu was forgotten. Instead, it seemed to go on forever as a gene, instead of an actual jutsu.

Because of the Hoshigaki effect within Mist, it soon became a Clan as it spread like a Kekkai Genkai. The sword became their signature weapon which anyone could immediately realize who they were fighting.

The Hoshigaki were beautiful in the fight against Mist, but when Mist lost, the leader of the clan at the time took an offer by the newly elected Amekoutei, Ketsueki Phoenix to join them. It was an offer by monsters to monsters, and they agreed.

The Hoshigaki Clan is now a rather small but nice amount of members Clan. Although they haven't changed in social standing much, they are no longer praised by the former Mist Ninja, in fact lost that praise rather long ago.

Clan Ability

The Hoshigaki Clan's most notable features are their Blue Skin and Gills, which allows them to breathe under water. Coming in contact with water for the Hoshigaki will heal them in fact, refreshing their body. Dryness is casually their weakness.

They're rather immense in strength, like a shark. Although they can see perfectly, they can smell blood even if it's a drop, so their sense of battle is really nice. Their famous trademark is the weapon they are able to sprout from their mouth, the Samehade. This weapon is their signature weapon and since birth they must be with it at all times. The weapon rejects anyone else that holds it.

The Samehade is normally bandaged because it's dangerous to hold but it's a weapon with tons of purple shark-teeth like blades all over it, made to rip or shave the target to shreds. It also has the uncanny ability to feast on chakra, even from the distance. More-so, the Hoshigaki themselves hold a rather immense chakra pool making them dangerous.


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