RP Application For Raikage Armor

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RP Application For Raikage Armor

Post by Muk on Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:40 pm

Baby,Let Lightning Define You 1

Yotsuki, Noir,born in a clan which is renown for their natural Kenjutsu ability and they are naturally better at using the lightning element,as it felt more natural to them they could use it more profiecntly and creatively.
Noir was a bit different of the other members of his clan as his body was much more muscular yet agile as a monkey making him more of a taijutsu specialist,loving to fight closly as there was more rush and excitement of being close to your opponent hitting the body,feeling ones bones shatter,flesh getting smashed,crushing skull and seeing ones face up close.
Eventhough he was a taijutsu expert he still somehow used lightning element as he tried to combine it more into his style mainly using Raiton Touei as it allowed him to travel almost instantly short distances making him a speedy ninja but it wasn't enough cause it was mainly used for mobility but he desired to incorporate it in a more aggesive way,so he focused to develop his lightning strike armour into a point till it affects his body.
Knowing that there exist already a technique that can heighten the physical state he wanted to create one of his own which could be less dangerous,risky for the body so he started to wrap his body in a layer of chakra as it's first step and focused more on the flow of chakra in his body and slowy transforming that chakra into lightning chakra developping a new style called nintaijutsu.
As his chakra transformed into lightning chakra he felt an immense shock in his,every bit of his body felt so responsive,so responsive that when he even tried to move a bit he just instantly moved a few meters away from his initail position.
Little did he know that by wrapping his body in lighting chakra like the way he did he electrically stimulated  his nervous system in other words it speeds up neural synapses reaction time.
"Look like i'm not cloaked in lightning anymore ouch" touching his butt as he tried to stand up after hitting the ground he tried to remember how his body felt feeling that surge of lighting"So if i try to lower the input to have a better control of my movement as it seems that my physical abilities got increased and became much more reactive it should depending on the output i can push my physical prowess to it's absolute limits" As he continued to train on his new technique by fluctuating the output and combing it with his taijutsu techniques he soon became he highly praised in his clan even able to make Uchiha's struggle to keep up with him.
So he called his new form Lighting Release Chakra Armor.


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