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Trait Guide

Post by Flm on Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:07 pm

Primary Traits
Damage Boost of 20% on all damage output.
Additional 10% damage output on taijutsu style attacks.
Faster attack and weapon charging using A & S macros.
Elemental Jutsus are given a 1.2x jutsu level (based on your elemental knowledge) increase. This effect benefits them in elemental clashes.
Damage cap is removed on select jutsus.

40% increase of base EXP gain. (Multiplier is 0.7x instead of 0.5x)
5 Additional Starting Points and 8 Additional Elemental Points upon obtaining.
2 SP granted every 5 years after Age 13 until Age 53.
Faster mastering of new jutsus.
Clan passives rise at an increased exponential rate.
2 ep at 18, 23,28,33,38,43, 48, 53
2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 SP

140% increase of EXP gain on taijutsu techniques only. (Multiplier of 1.2x. The 0.5x multiplier applies on all other types of jutsus)
All Forms Damage taken reduced by 20%.
Stamina Drains from taijutsu techniques and running reduced to 70% of normal.
Stamina and Vitality Regeneration rates are increased by 2 to 3x. Vitality will not regenerate unless Stamina is at 100%
Handseals cannot be interrupted by stuns.

Grants a random boost between 75 and 125 to max stamina and chakra every Age up. Stacks with normal Age boosts at predetermined ages.
EXP multiplier is not the standard 0.5x. Instead it is 0.03 x the player's Age. EXP starts at 0.3x.
50% increase on rate at which the Jutsu Cooldown falls (delay between learning jutsus).
EP To SP cost ratio 6:1

Age 35 is 1,05x exp rate and 50 is 1,5x

40% reduction in Handseal time. If handseals are 1 second, the handseals become 0.6 seconds. If its 2 seconds, they become 1.2.
Enables single click shushin use.
Running passives (Running Speed and Acceleration) raise approximately 3x faster.
All jutsu delays are reduced by 10%. This stacks with Hyperactivity's delay reduction.
Increased Dodge Rating


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