Flm's Application

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Flm's Application

Post by Flm on Tue Jul 26, 2016 2:14 pm

Key:   Sergiucordos/Hakuido/Bannos

In-game Name: Flmm/Flm/Zannos

Experience on Byond: I have 11 years of experience in Byond.(since 2005)

Experience in Enforcing: In total i Enforced 8 Byond games. All of them Naruto related. From that experience i would like to underline 2 games: First one being Naruto Next Generation by Berlin (which is still running and i am still enforcing it). NNG is a very strict game, any slight abuse from the staff will result in an automatic demote. I have been Enforcing it for almost half a year now. The other game i would like to underline is Naruto Rise of the Uchiha, in which i earned the rank: "Owner", as the owner liked me so much and trusted me that he gave me Co-Owner. The rest of the games are mostly unknown.

Why choose me: First of all, let me start with: I love this game. It's the first Rpvp game of this level that i'm playing. I don't know, it just got me addicted in a way. Second of all, looking back at my experience as a Enforcer/admin on any game, i can confirm and even guarantee, that i never disappoint. Don't get me wrong, i can do mistakes, but all the actions that i take are for the wellfare of the server and the community that has been created here.
I'm a fairly strict person when it comes to rules. That doesn't mean i'm an asshole, i just tend to direct the community in the right way, so that the server won't get out of hand and just not have a straight path.
I'm currently studying Business Marketing at University, and i tend to use my skills in any project i join. I started the new forums(these forums) because i feel there is a need for interaction here, I will make sure that these forums will keep going. Currently im building a facebook page, where i will invest money for their great advertising and reach a huge mass of people. Trust me, together we can make this awesome.

Ending notes: What can i say? I really hope i get a chnce to put in practic all that i preach. Stay awesome, FLM out.


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